Super Easy Green Juicing Recipes For Your Vegetables

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, but they can even be more beneficial to our well being when their enzymes, vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals are in liquid form. Green juicing makes these essential nutrients more readily available for absorption into the bloodstream, thus giving our digestive system, a much-deserved rest. There are so many reasons why you should start drinking green juice, including, clearer skin, more energy, faster weight loss, improved immune system, and improved digestive health among others.

To get the most out of your vegetables it is important to have a rock solid juice extractor. Green vegetables are a challenge to juice for centrifugal machines. A masticating machine is going to be the best juicer for the job and will allow you to squeeze a greater amount of juice out of these kinds of foods. You will not waste as much and it will wind up saving you a great amount of effort and money over time. Now let’s get to some recipes that you can have fun experimenting with when you get that shiny new juicer for your kitchen.

Apple Spinach Juice Recipe

Fresh spinach juice is known for its detoxification abilities. It eliminates accumulated toxins from the body and purifies the blood. And that’s not all; it also helps in regenerating and rebuilding body cells. Because of its cleansing abilities, drinking this juice regularly results in a glowing skin, and healthy hair growth.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 1-2


  • 2 Medium apples, cored and chopped
  • 2 Cups Baby Spinach, chopped


  • Place a container (jar, glass, mug, etc.) under the nozzle of the juicer.
  • Put the chopped apples and spinach in the juicer and process.
  • Serve the extracted juice and consume immediately, as the nutrients start to degrade once exposed to oxygen.
  • Add some ice cubes to make the drink cold, and garnish with an apple wedge if you wish.

Tips and Variations

  • Use fresh dark-green leafy spinach for best results.
  • Feel free to use any other green vegetables such as cucumber, celery, etc., if you don’t like the taste of spinach.
  • Drink this juice once or twice per week in the morning to get maximum benefits.

Carrot Spinach Juice Recipe

Drinking this juice regularly helps to cure constipation issues, detoxify the body, improve eyesight, strengthen bones and rebuilds the blood, thanks to its spinach, celery and carrots. The fact that celery is rich in dietary fiber and low in calories, makes this drink excellent for weight loss.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 1-2


  • 2 stalks of celery, chopped
  • 8 carrots (medium size), peeled and chopped
  • 1 large spinach bunch, rinsed and chopped


  • Place a glass or jar under the juicer spout.
  • Process the spinach, celery and carrots through the juicer, and collect the juice.
  • Serve in a glass and drink immediately

Tips and Variations

  • Do not take this juice daily; limit intake to twice a week for maximum health benefits.
  • Add black pepper powder or a pinch of salt if you want it to be more tasty.
  • Do not consume if you suffer from kidney stone problems, as it may worsen the problem.

Kale Pear Juice Recipe

Drinking this juice in the morning is a great way to kick-start your day. Besides having detoxifying properties, this juice will also give you more energy to carry out your daily activities, as well as a clearer and more beautiful skin.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 1-2


  • 2 large cucumbers, large
  • 3 ribs of celery
  • 3 leaves of green kale
  • 1 large broccoli stem (with all florets cut off)
  • 2 pears
  • 2 small fresh ginger, peeled
  • 1 lemon, peeled halfway with white part left on


  • Wash off all the ingredients well.
  • Place each whole piece inside the juicer. Cut them into halves if necessary to fit through the top of the juicer.
  • Process all the ingredients through the juicer, serve in glasses, and enjoy immediately.

Variations and Tips

Kale is good for your health, but its flavor may be too strong for you if you are a beginner, so skip it for a while, and introduce it gradually. Feel free to replace it with any other milder (fresh) green leafy vegetable of your choice.

Juicing Your Greens Is The Way To Go

Try to use at least three vegetables for every piece of fruit to help lower the amount of sugar in the drink, and balance your blood sugar level.

Overall, juicing is an easy way to benefit from all the vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients contained in fresh fruits and vegetables in their purest form. It’s never too late to start healing your body with green juice, so be smart and give the above recipes a try. Start drinking green juice today, and keep the doctor away.

Enhance Your Time In The Kitchen With A Toaster Oven

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Sure we love toast, but today’s ovens can do a lot more than just brown slices of bread. They have advanced to the point where we really only need our full sized oven for only the biggest jobs. They are also small enough to take with us no matter when and where we might have to leave. But not only are they convenient to use, but they are also time savers. A smaller oven can take less time to cook with proper features, and they are super easy to clean. Less work and less time for a more rewarding time in the kitchen.

If you have a lot of mouths to feed you might be surprised with just how much these little ovens can handle. Below we will show you how you can take back control of your family’s eating habits and give them something healthy to devour without breaking a sweat.

Convection Cooking Speed

One of the great things about cooking with an oven that has a convection preset feature is that you get food that is evenly done and it can reduce the amount of time needed. These ovens have a fan which blows around the hot air and circulates it inside of the oven. This gets to all sides of the food making sure it is cooked properly all the way through. This process can also help you cut cook times to help you save some precious time. Not all toaster ovens have this feature and you will most likely have to pay a little more for one that comes with a convection setting, but they are worth it. It is also cheaper than buying a whole new full sized oven just for this feature. In the end you will end up saving a ton of money by getting a countertop oven.

Picking Your Ingredients

One of the advantages of preparing your own meals at home is that you know exactly what is going into your family’s mouths. You get to pick the ingredients and you can make fresh and healthy recipes that you all can enjoy. While there are plenty of delectable toaster oven recipes out there, you can also experiment with regular recipes that call for the use of a standard oven and get the same great results. With all of the fast food options that your kids typically encounter during the day, you can at least give them something that is healthy and nutritious at night. But these ovens are also great for a quick and healthy breakfast. In the end, you will have more control over how well your family eats by cooking for them yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to have something that makes that all a little bit easier to achieve?

Low Maintenance

Smaller ovens are generally going to be a lot easier to keep clean. The one thing that you have to watch out for when shopping for one of these new ovens is that you pick one with a crumb tray that is accessible from the front. That way you do not have to move the oven around a lot just to remove it. This is one of the more important aspects of a quality oven. Modern countertop toaster ovens usually have non stick surfaces which lets you wipe them down with just a wet cloth. Most of the top ovens also have stainless steel shells that are easy to remove any smudges. Toaster ovens in general are very low maintenance appliances.


A countertop oven is not going to be the most expensive tool in your kitchen, but the good ones are also not going to be cheap. Finding a quality convection countertop oven will run you somewhere around $200. There are nice options without a convection setting that are around half that. Depending on the size that you need and how many mouths that you have to feed, you can end up saving some more for a smaller unit.

You also have to remember that using these ovens may also offer you some energy savings which will put more money in your wallet in the long run. Why use a larger oven to bake a sheet of cookies when you do the same thing in a toaster oven quicker and cheaper? If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and you love to cook, then getting one of these for your counter is going to pay off for you in the end.

Get Toasting

Sure these little ovens can make you a great slice of toast, but they can also help you achieve a whole lot more. If you have been looking for ways to get your family to eat healthy without a lot of work, then getting a toaster oven is the route you should be taking. You won’t regret it.

Parsley Can Do More For You Than Just Garnish Your Plate

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We have all seen it for years on the side of our plate out at a restaurants, but a lot of us just assumed that it was there for decoration. However, those small sprigs of unassuming parsley our actually packed with a variety of different vitamins and minerals and can provide a nice healthy kick to any juicing recipe.

Parsley belongs to the umbelliferae family that includes others such as fennel, carrots, dill, cumin among others. There are different types of parsley including curly parsley with bright green curly leaves and the Italian flat leaf parsley with darker and smooth leaves. Whichever kind you can get your hands on will definitely be a benefit to almost any juice that you prepare.

Nutritional Content

Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties and contains anti-cancer phytonutrients, carotenoids and flavonoids. It has a high level of vitamin A, B, C, iron and folate. It also has other minerals such as phosphorous, potassium, calcium and zinc. These nutrients provide a wide range of health benefits to the body and prevent diseases. The most effective way to get all these benefits is to take its juice. By taking one or two ounces daily on a regular basis, you wound get amazing health benefits. However, just like other drinks or food, you should not overdo. Here are some of its health benefits to the body.

Prevent Anemia

Parsley contains high level content of chlorophyll which is a perfect blood builder and purifier. The iron content and vitamin C makes it easy for the body to absorb iron. Drinking parsley juice regularly boosts the hemoglobin count in the body. This makes the body strong and free from anemia.


Parsley contains vitamin C which helps prevent hardening of arteries. It also assists in dissolving the sticky substances and help in maintenance of the blood vessels elasticity. This makes it easy for blood to flow effectively throughout the body.

Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Tract Problems

Parsley contains two healing compounds, apiole and myristicin, that enhance the flow of urine that removes bacteria that cause infection from the urinary tract. In addition, it detoxifies toxins from the body through urination. The diuretic effect assists in prevention of kidney stones and other urinary tract problems.

Cancer Prevention

Its high level anti-oxidants such as phthalides, polyacetylenes and monoterpenes help in neutralization of carcinogens, which are the cancer causing agents such as tobacco smoke in the body. The antioxidants act as good remedy of asthma and lung infections.

Vision Health

The high carotenoids and Vitamin A content in parsley makes it an effective healing product for vision health. These are some of the same compounds found in carrots which are often linked with good vision health. Vitamin A has many benefits for the body and positive impacts on overall health of eyesight is one of them. Like carrots, parsley can also help in this area.

Healing Wounds

Parsley is a great source of histidine that use a vital amino acid that is necessary for growth and repair of body tissues. It is an effective product for people with a wound that is healing or after going through surgery.

With all the above health benefits, it is necessary that you ensure that you take parsley juice in the right amount daily. Since parsley is similar to other leafy green vegetables, such as kale, spinach and lettuce, a masticating juicer would be the best type of machine to get the maximum juice yield. For a recipe that you can try that includes parsley check out the informative video below.