Parsley Can Do More For You Than Just Garnish Your Plate

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We have all seen it for years on the side of our plate out at a restaurants, but a lot of us just assumed that it was there for decoration. However, those small sprigs of unassuming parsley our actually packed with a variety of different vitamins and minerals and can provide a nice healthy kick to any juicing recipe.

Parsley belongs to the umbelliferae family that includes others such as fennel, carrots, dill, cumin among others. There are different types of parsley including curly parsley with bright green curly leaves and the Italian flat leaf parsley with darker and smooth leaves. Whichever kind you can get your hands on will definitely be a benefit to almost any juice that you prepare.

Nutritional Content

Parsley has anti-inflammatory properties and contains anti-cancer phytonutrients, carotenoids and flavonoids. It has a high level of vitamin A, B, C, iron and folate. It also has other minerals such as phosphorous, potassium, calcium and zinc. These nutrients provide a wide range of health benefits to the body and prevent diseases. The most effective way to get all these benefits is to take its juice. By taking one or two ounces daily on a regular basis, you wound get amazing health benefits. However, just like other drinks or food, you should not overdo. Here are some of its health benefits to the body.

Prevent Anemia

Parsley contains high level content of chlorophyll which is a perfect blood builder and purifier. The iron content and vitamin C makes it easy for the body to absorb iron. Drinking parsley juice regularly boosts the hemoglobin count in the body. This makes the body strong and free from anemia.


Parsley contains vitamin C which helps prevent hardening of arteries. It also assists in dissolving the sticky substances and help in maintenance of the blood vessels elasticity. This makes it easy for blood to flow effectively throughout the body.

Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Tract Problems

Parsley contains two healing compounds, apiole and myristicin, that enhance the flow of urine that removes bacteria that cause infection from the urinary tract. In addition, it detoxifies toxins from the body through urination. The diuretic effect assists in prevention of kidney stones and other urinary tract problems.

Cancer Prevention

Its high level anti-oxidants such as phthalides, polyacetylenes and monoterpenes help in neutralization of carcinogens, which are the cancer causing agents such as tobacco smoke in the body. The antioxidants act as good remedy of asthma and lung infections.

Vision Health

The high carotenoids and Vitamin A content in parsley makes it an effective healing product for vision health. These are some of the same compounds found in carrots which are often linked with good vision health. Vitamin A has many benefits for the body and positive impacts on overall health of eyesight is one of them. Like carrots, parsley can also help in this area.

Healing Wounds

Parsley is a great source of histidine that use a vital amino acid that is necessary for growth and repair of body tissues. It is an effective product for people with a wound that is healing or after going through surgery.

With all the above health benefits, it is necessary that you ensure that you take parsley juice in the right amount daily. Since parsley is similar to other leafy green vegetables, such as kale, spinach and lettuce, a masticating juicer would be the best type of machine to get the maximum juice yield. For a recipe that you can try that includes parsley check out the informative video below.

Countless Ways That You Can Benefit From Ripe Tomatoes

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When most people think of tomato juice they usually associate it with something that is great for removing the stink of a skunk or “You could of had a V8”, but adding it to some of your juicing recipes can have tremendous health benefits. You may just find it quite tasty as well. So instead of relying on pizza sauce or ketchup for you daily tomato intake, let’s see what throwing a couple of tomatoes into your juicer can provide you. This is one powerful vegetable that can deliver a terrific boost to your diet.

Aids Digestion

One of the most important benefits of drinking tomato juice on a regular basis is its capacity to aid digestion, specifically when it comes to preventing and helping with constipation. Tomato juice contains a great amount of fiber, which has a positive effect on your bowel movements. Moreover, tomato juice possesses powerful antiseptic properties that will prevent not only diarrhea, but also common infections.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Tomato juice has been recognized as an efficient way to successfully lower low-density-lipoprotein, or LDL (bad), cholesterol due to the high amounts of fiber it contains. Fiber can break down LDL cholesterol while positively impacting your HDL (high-density-lipoprotein, or good) cholesterol levels. Tomato juice also contains niacin, which has been shown to contribute to decreasing LDL cholesterol, too.

Prevents Tissue Oxidation

Tomatoes are known as extremely rich sources of antioxidants like lycopene, which can improve several functions of your body, preventing tissue oxidation caused by free radicals. Antioxidants have been proven to be efficient at fighting against several types of cancer, as well as type 2 diabetes, benign infections, inflammations, asthma and even heart disease. By increasing your antioxidant intake, you will manage to boost your health and improve several functions of your organism as well.

Promotes Prostate and Pancreas Health

People who consume tomato juice on a regular basis will invariably take in substantial amounts of lycopene, which has been clinically tested and proven to reduce risk of developing pancreatic cancer by 30 percent. Tomato juice is very rich in carotenoids and beta-carotene, which can also contribute to reducing pancreatic cancer risk by 40 percent.
Analogically, lycopene and other phytonutrients found in tomato juice are considered extremely efficient at protecting prostate health, working in conjunction with carotenoids to prevent prostate cancer risk at the same time.

Relieves Stress

Eating tomatoes under the form of juice every day can increase vitamin C in the body while reducing biomarkers for oxidative stress at the same time. Add cucumbers and garlic to the tomato juice you drink daily (gazpacho is a good example of dish that contains all these three ingredients), and you are guaranteed to experience an increase of 25 percent in vitamin C in only one week. By relieving stress, you automatically eliminate other potential health risks that might show up at some point, including not only cancer, but also psychological and physiological disorders as well.

Bone and Heart Health

Vitamin K has been associated with healthy bones in many studies, and tomato juice contains this nutrient in very important amounts that can strengthen your bones and prevent the occurrence of arthritis. Vitamin K can successfully activate osteocalcin, which anchors calcium inside your bones. Moreover, tomato juice can also help individuals prevent and manage heart disease due to the many nutrients it contains, including lycopene, folate, potassium, niacin and vitamin B6. Alternatively, this type of vegetable juice improves homocysteine levels, which is the primary chemical in the body known to potentially damage your heart.

Improves Skin and Hair Health

When talking about the positive effects of tomato juice on your skin, we invariably refer to acne reduction, which occurs as a result of ingesting significant amounts of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Furthermore, tomato juice can contribute to preventing skin cell damage, which automatically halts the aging process, keeping the skin looking youthful for a much longer time. By drinking this vitamin K-packed juice, you will manage to make your hair grow healthily while adding shine and strength to the shaft. This, in turn, will make your hair look gorgeous and voluminous, keeping it healthy and extremely resistant to potential damage, too.

Using Tomatoes With Your Juicer

So now that we know just how great this great vegetable can be for your body, we can jump feet first into incorporating it into our juicing regimen. There are many ways to experiment with this veggie and it should be quite easy to find a number of tasty tomato juicing recipes online to have fun with. For those interested in creating their own version of V8 juice without any preservatives, you can check out this fantastic and colorful video below that takes you step by step with all the ingredients needed. It also includes a great tip about juicing a tomato.