Pan Africa brings age old family recipes from our home to yours. We offer a variety of authentic African recipes, made from the freshest ingredients. Contact us today to reserve a date for your next special event!

Quick Lunch Package : $11.50 a person
Choose 3 vegetables
Chicken or Lamb Tibs
Chicken Yassa or Chicken Groundnut
Choose 2 starches

Vegetarian Package : $12.50

Choose any 5 vegetarian items
Choose any 2 starches

Appetizer plate : $12.50 a person
Choose any 5 appetizers

Serengeti Sampler : $13.00 a person
Choose 3 vegetables
Choose 2 meats (chicken only)
Choose 2 starches

Zulu Buffet : $16.00 a person
Choose 3 vegetables
Choose 3 meats (chicken, lamb, or beef)
Choose 2 starches

Sheba Delight : $19.00 a person
Choose 4 vegetables
Choose 3 meats
Choose 2 starches

Sahara Package : $22.00 a person
Choose 4 vegetables
Choose 3 meats
Choose 2 starches
Choose 2 appetizers

*10 person minimum on all catering orders. Free Delivery within Downtown Seattle. We can deliver throughout King, Snohomish, and Pierce County.*

Add traditional Ethiopian Coffee ceremony for only $75.00

All buffet will be delivered in disposable aluminum pans. If chaffing dishes are needed there will be an additional charge. We can also do a full service catering. $25.00 an hour per person.


Carrots and Green Beans :: Carrots and Green Beans sauted with onions, garlic, and ginger then cooked until tender.
Greens :: Collard and Spinach cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, and jalepeno
Cabbage and Potato :: Cabbage and Potato cooked in a spicy tomato sauce
Red Lentil Stew :: Lentils cooked with carmalized onions and red pepper paste
Yellow split peas :: Split Peas Cooked with ginger , garlic, and curry
Veggie Groundnut :: West African groundnut stew (peanut) made with yams, carrots, bell peppers and other seasonal vegetables served with rice
Foul :: Fava beans cooked with onions, peppers and tomatoes, topped with feta cheese
Curried corn :: Sweet corn cooked in a coconut cilantro sauce
Black eyed peas :: Black eyed peas cooked with onions, peppers, thyme, and spinach
Veggie Tibs (sauté) :: Onions, peppers, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, and tomatoes
Yedinch Wott (Potato Stew) :: Potatoes cooked in a traditional Ethiopian spicy red sauce
Shiro :: Ground chick pea powder cooked with assorted spices
Tomato Salad :: Tomato, onions, and jalapeño tossed in lemon and oil dressing
Apricot, Dates, Almonds, Chick pea cakes :: Sweet dates cooked in a coconut sauce served over saffron rice and chick pea cakes
Pineapple and Mango Curry :: Mangoes and pineapple cooked with onions, potato and garlic served over rice
Veggie Pilaf :: Onions, tomato, garlic, red bell pepper, and saffron rice tossed in a spicy red sauce


Beef or Lamb Tibs :: Tender Beef or Lamb sautéed with onions and peppers served with injera
Kitfo :: Succulent raw beef tossed with butter and peppers served with injera
Spicy Lamb Stew :: Spicy lamb stew served with injera
African Beef Stew :: Aromatic African Stew cooked with okra
Lamb Kebabs :: Served with roasted veggies and rice


Chicken and Rosemary :: Tibs Chicken sautéed with onions, peppers, rosemary
Chicken Yassa :: Tender Chicken cooked with onions, mustard and olives
Chicken Groundnut :: Chicken cooked with yams and carrots in a peanut sauce
Chicken, Apricots, and Dates :: Chicken cooked with dates and apricots
Piri Piri :: Cornish Hen I/2 a Cornish Hen baked in our Piri Piri sauce and served with mashed yams
Doro Wott :: Spicy Chicken in red sauce served with Injera
Doro Alicha :: Ethiopian Curry Chicken served with Injera
Jungle Roll :: Chicken Breast stuffed with greens and served with black eyed peas and mashed yams.
Mango and Pineapple Curry :: Chicken cooked with mango and pineapple in a coconut curry sauce.


Fish of the Day :: Tilapia and prawns cooked in a coconut cilantro sauce
Mango and Pineapple :: Curry Snapper cooked in a mango and pineapple curry sauce
Seafood Pilaf :: Shrimp, Scallops, Chicken and sausage in a spicy red sauce with saffron rice
Shrimp Tibs :: Shrimp sautéed with onions and peppers served with injera
Halibut Piri Piri :: Cooked in a spicy piri piri sauce and served with mashed yams
Seafood Tagine :: Mussels, clams, and squid in a rich broth with zucc, eggplant, plum tomatoes and kalamata olives served with couscous
Fish Yassa :: Halibut cooked with olives, mustard, onions, and lemon

Most Dishes come with your choice of starch
Injera : Ethiopian Flat Bread
Couscous : Coarsely ground semolina pasta
Fufu : Pounded Yam
Rice : Jasmine Cooked with Saffron
Yams : Yams cooked with cinnamon


Sambusa : Pastries filled with lentil and veggies
Shrimp Sambusa : Pastries filled with shrimp and veggies
Lamb Sambusa : Pastries filled with lamb and veggies
Bastilla : Moroccan Seafood Pie
Plantains : Ripe sautéed plantains (seasonal)
Injera Quesadilla : Injera covered with red pepper sauce and grilled like a quesadilla.


House Salad : Greens tossed with fresh fruit and home made dressing
Fatoush : Baked pita, cucumbers, tomato, avocado, golden raisins, mint, red onions, popdew peppers, pepercini peppers, sumac, and feta
Jasmin’s Salad : Cold lentil, roasted red pepper, olives, and fried goat cheese
Fava Bean Soup
Lentil Soup
Spicy Chicken Soup