Now Featuring our Summer Three Course Dinner!

Awaken your senses with the exotic flavors of Africa as you sample our new 3 course dinnerĀ  cooking adventures. We have created an exciting combination of foods from all four corners of Africa for you to sample. Simply pick any Appetizer and then pick from one of our regional combos and end your meal with our wonderful sweet endings. Continue reading

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Cooking Classes

How many times have you been to a restaurant and said, “That was delicious — if only I knew how to make that myself…”? Pan Africa now brings you all that tasty knowledge with a savory cooking experience guaranteed to please the foodies in your life. You get a three-hour African cooking class with the head chef of Pan Africa Restaurant & Bar at The Pike Place Market — and a flavorful full dinner . Learn the secrets of preparing Ethiopian cuisine, from fragrant berbere spice mixtures to injera, that super-stretchy flatbread you’ll wrap your doro wot in. You’ll even get the sweet-and-lowdown on honey wine. Get your hands on this deal before the kitchen’s closed.

Ethiopian Cooking Classes
This is a basic Ethiopian cooking class covering the staples of everyday Ethiopian cooking. Dishes covered in this class are Doro Wot, Sambusa, Gomen, Beef Tibs, Timatim Selata & Misser Wot.

Ethiopian Vegetarian Cooking Classes
This is a basic Ethiopian vegetarian cooking class covering the staple vegetarian dishes in everyday Ethiopian cooking. All dishes are Vegan Dishes covered in this class are are Shiro Wot, Timatim Selata, Gomen, Yatakilt Wot & Misser Wot.

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An important announcement for all the Pan Africa addicts out there,

We are back! Come and see our new menu. We look forward to having you dine with us. Our telephones will be out of service until the second week of April. We are having a big grand Re-Opening part this Saturday. If you are on Facebook, please follow this link to the event page.

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Ugali Recipe


  • 2 cups maize meal (cornmeal)
  • 4 cups water
  • Salt and Pepper to taste

Bring water to a boil in large saucepan. Stir boiling water as you sprinkle in maizemeal. Cook for 20 minutes or until it is very thick and smooth, stirring constantly to prevent burning. Cover saucepan and continue cooking 10 more minutes over very low heat. Serves 6.

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