Veggie Combos
greens, carrots & green beans, red lentils, yellow peas, cabbage & potato served with injera 12.5
veggie groundnut,  blackeye peas, cabbage & pineapple salad served with rice 12.5
ful, red beets &cilantro, lemon potato & cauliflower served with  couscous 12.5
tofu massala, curried corn, peanut greens & house salad served with rice 12.5
tender morsels of your choice sautéed with onions, peppers, tomatoes & our house seasonings served with injera
chicken 13.25  beef 13.25 lamb13.75 shrimp 14.75 fish 13.25
Sample platter
arrangement of tibs & veggie served with injera. 12.5

Meat platter
beef tibs and chicken tibs served with two vegetable sides on a bed of injera.13.75
Chicken Yassa
marinated chicken slow cooked with lemon juice, mustard, whole olives & onions served with rice.  13.25
a slow cooked peanut based stew made with chicken or fish , yams, potatoes & carrots served with rice.
chicken13.25  fish 14
Curry Goat
goat cutlets slow cooked in our house curry sauce with golden potatoes and carrots served with rice. 14
Chicken Apricot & Dates
chicken morsels tossed with dates, almonds, apricots, coconut sauce and served with rice. 13.25
Piri Piri
your choice of chicken, fish or shrimp drowning in piri-piri sauce grilled to perfection served with rice.
chicken13.25  fish 14 shrimp14.75
Chicken or Fish with Harissa & Olives
your choice of chicken or fish slow cooked in harissa & whole olives served with rice.
chicken13.25  fish 14
Tuna Kitfo
rare ahi tuna marinated in ethiopian spices and served with injera  13